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I started writing songs a few years ago when I lost my job. My first ever song was Hang Loose. The words of which adequately expressed my thoughts and feelings at that time. I have been a musician of sorts most of my life. I played bass guitar in jazz bands for over 10 years. I didn't learn to play the guitar until I was 32 years old. I taught myself chord melody style. Check it out on my website at: http://robertblairmusic.com You will notice that I have programmed synthesizer backings to some of my songs. When playing live, I don't use any backing other than the guitar. I'm not a big fan of "backing tapes in a live performances My live performances consist of a combination of my songs along with numerous jazz and swing standards, both vocal and instrumental. - Just done a new album "ODES FROM OZ" that was inspired by the poems of Hilary Jellet - They are somewhat peculiar to Australian life and experiences. - I've added 3 of these songs Hope you enjoy! 

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