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Peter Roberts is an Australian musician who doesn’t normally work in the public eye. He doesn't often entertain or play his music on stage, yet he's played his harp to several thousands of people and had a lasting impact on each and every one of them.

For over twenty years Peter has used his music in hospital settings playing for tiny, premature babies in the “Special Care” nursery”, for those undergoing surgery, those dealing with cancer treatment and those who are facing the very last moments of their lives.

In order to do this work
Peter opted to give up a lucrative career as a businessman mid-life and retrain overseas in a little-known specialty that involves playing live music to ease pain and give solace to people facing their very last days (music-thanatology). His journey into this work was featured on an ABC TV Australian Story documentary entitled “ Heaven Sent” and more recently on an ABC Life Matters programme called “From Music Into Silence”. He has released several CDs, had a co-authored book  published “The Harp and The Ferryman” , and he is the co-creator of a new musical instrument being manufactured here in Geelong and sold all over the world.

Peter’s musical interests were nurtured though the folk music scene and when he is not playing his harp, he still loves to sing, play his guitar and his 5 string banjo.  

 Forthcoming Events

  • Presenter: Sacred Edge Festival Queenscliff 5-9 MAy
  • Presenter: Celebrants Graduation Dinner Gordon Institute Geelong June 16
  • Keynote Presenter: JELA Graduates Ceremony. Toko Japan March 2018

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